Raymond Duke

Raymond Duke

October 27, 2022

I’m having a robot help me write this email.

Specifically, it’s a tool called “Lex” that autocompletes sentences, and even adds new paragraphs, based on what you've previously written.

All I have to do to command the writing robot is type three pluses, like this “+++”, and once I hit enter, it takes over.

Let’s give it a test drive, shall we?

Here’s an example of how artificial intelligence (AI) decides what to say next.

// The robot starting writing here

But first, a word of warning:

This is still very much an early-stage technology. So don’t be surprised if it sounds a bit… robotic.

Here we go…


Welcome to my automated email writing system.

To get started, simply type in the topic of your email, and hit enter.

Once you do that, I'll take

// The robot stopped writing here


Not very interesting and lacks a personality, but it’s still something coherent.

What'll be exciting to see, down the road, is what the AI writes after learning your writing style.

Or, having the AI model writing styles of famous writers.

One could technically upload every book, note, scribble, diary entry, and such from J.K. Rowling and have it write 10 new additions to the Harry Potter series.

Or maybe someone will take this a step further and have AI write a new version of the Bible?

Something interesting to think about, for sure.

Now for a realization for those reading this, feeling depressed, and thinking that robots make their job as a copywriter obsolete.

Don’t worry.

As great as AI is, and may be, a robot is still… a robot.

Robots can’t feel emotion or think outside a set of constraints.

I see them as a way to assist, not replace, us.

Hopefully I’m right.

Raymond Duke

P.S. If you want to use Lex the robot to help you write, I have 4 invites to use the service for free. Grab em here; first come, first serve: