October 22, 2022

Yesterday I came across a great link of films. Most of them were foreign and I already started watching a few. Upon doing so, I was reminded of something interesting.

The movie made me tired. Like, so tired, I could hardly keep my eyes open.

It’s not that the movie was boring — I liked it a lot! It was the fact that the film's foreign language overstimulated my brain with too much information. My brain was trying too hard to understand the words... but it couldn't. Reading the subtitles made me even more sleepy.

Overloading the brain is something you want to avoid in copywriting. If you try to explain too many ideas at once... you'll make your reader bored or sleepy. Stick to one idea in the intro and reinforce that same idea in the rest of the copy, just like I did in this email.

That’s the lesson for today. Keep your message simple and about one thing. Now that I've done just that, my work today's is done.

Raymond Duke

P.S. Actually, one more thing. If you're looking for something to watch this weekend, here's the list of films I mentioned (it's on YouTube).