October 24, 2022

At the end of the day, the best way to become a better copywriter is to write copy.

There’s no way around it.

Write more, get better. Rinse and repeat.

But what to do when you’re not writing?

Put yourself at the other side of the table — by going from writer to reader.

To keep your writing skills sharp as an obsidian knife, here are some copywriting books I both love and recommend.

1.) The Adweek Copywriting Handbook - Joe Sugerman.

Joe’s a natural storyteller who could make you read pages and pages without even knowing how much time went by.

This book reveals how he works his magic.

2.) The Ultimate Sales Letter - Dan Kennedy

Dan’s been one of the go-to geniuses in marketing for decades — way before the internet was a thing and people used letters, stamps, and postboxes to sell instead of websites, smartphones, and apps.

Much of Dan's timeless wisdom can be carried over to the digital age, which is why his tested-over-time template is a must for improving your writing skills.

3.) Great Leads - Michael Masterson

Honest confession:

I haven’t read this book.

But I read the summary and I think I’d both enjoy, and agree with, the material.

So why recommend a book I’ve haven't read?

Because if I were to read another copywriting book, this would be it.

Another honest confession:

It’s been ages since I’ve picked up a book about copywriting and when, and if, I have the desire to read, I’d much rather read fiction.

And, here’s why:

There are lessons to learn from all types of writing, and by broadening your horizons beyond copywriting books, you’ll add breadth, not just depth, to your skills.

Yet, the copywriting books I shared today are important.

Read them once, thrice, and even several times, because as your skills develop, so will your comprehension!

Raymond Duke