Raymond Duke

Raymond Duke

1-day startup
October 20, 2022

If you can’t go from idea to project in a single day, your idea is not worth pursuing.

Here are three reasons why...

1.) Speed

Someone else may have your same idea and build it before you... and generate customers that could've been yours.

2.) Motivation

Your motivation will be at its highest at the beginning. It’s only natural for motivation to decrease over time. Staying motivated comes from momentum.

3.) Results

Results build momentum... and help you know which steps to take next.

In sum:

The faster you get a project going, the more motivation you’ll feel, and the faster you’ll get results. Not all of your results will be positive, but every result gives you the opportunity to learn.

Don't get stuck planning your project. Procrastination leads to stagnation. Before you know it... hours turn into days... days turn into weeks... and weeks turn into months. Protect your time. It's irreplaceable.

Simplification is the key.

For example: let’s say you want to start a clothing brand. This is a big idea that takes years. So how can you break it down into a single-day project?

Like this:

  1. Build a 1-page website. There are many tools available. I use this one.
  2. Add pictures, descriptions, and links to clothing from other brands
  3. Collect emails and track what people click

This can all be done in a day.

On day 2, you can order clothes and create some video scripts for when they arrive in the mail. Then, once the clothes arrive, you can create videos from the scripts and upload them to social media.

By doing this, you’ll (1) build an audience for your brand, (2) have a list of people interested in buying clothes and (3) collect valuable data about what they’re buying.

All by an idea you started in 24 hours.

As you develop your skills and build your team, you can outsource these ideas to others.

But if you’re just getting started... or you don't yet have a team... learning how to take an idea to a project in a single day is one of the most-lucrative skills you can ever learn.

Raymond Duke