Jan 31, 2023

Let's do an exercise. Don't worry, it'll only take a moment and it may just be the most-important exercise you do today. Or, ever. Ready?

Here we go —

  1. Put your hand in the air as high as you can
  2. (Take a deep breath)
  3. Now, raise it a little higher

Did you notice what happened?

Chances are, after the last step, you found yourself raising your hand higher than you had it initially. When you were told to raise your hand as high as you can... you didn't hit your maximum. It was only when you were told "A little higher" that you hit your limit.

Okay, exercise finished. Told ya it wasn't so difficult. It was simple, but insightful.

Most people, on average, don't commit 100% of their own effort at the start. Maybe it's how our brains are wired... we want to save our energy incase we need it later and thus, we only exert a good-enough effort to complete the task.

While this is smart, it's also something that can hold you back in life. Because if you're lazily sloshing around, from point a to b to c, then you can — at best — expect average results. And, over time, any potential you have will go untapped. You may not even realize how much more effort you could have been giving.

Then, one day, you'll grow old, look back at your life, and say, "Wow, I could have done more. I could have been more. I had the potential. Why didn't I use it?

But enough about what may be. Let's look at today.

An near-unlimited amount of potential is inside of you. All you have do?

Understand it exists and then, tap into it.